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Chris B. Daniels
Over 20 years of experience

CBD Accounting Group is an outsourced accounting solution that helps businesses with their financial needs. By accessing your current staff, systems and business needs, we are able to provide support to make necessary changes to help your business in producing good financials that are accurate, complete and timely.

With over 20 years experience in roles from interim CFO, Controller, M&A and Divestiture lead consultant to audit, the wealth of knowledge can be put to work to help your existing accounting department.

Services range from providing ad hoc project support to access your current accounting department input and outputs, internal controls and staffing to on-going support to ‘close the books’ as a part time interim CFO, Controller.

Our team is able to tailor our services to best fit our client’s needs.

Photo of Chris B Daniels, Founder, CBD Accounting Group, Outsourced Accounting Services

Our value is in the personalized service you get from a knowledgeable expert to integrate with your team.


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